May 30 – June 1, 2017

ECORES is a research and teaching institution which federates three centers of excellence: CORE (Center for Operations Research and Econometrics, Université catholique de Louvain), ECARES (European Center for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics, Université libre de Bruxelles) and KU Leuven’s Department of Economics.


Introducing heterogeneity in economic analysis is akin to inserting colors into black and white pictures. It allows for much richer modeling of employer-employee relationships, consumer behavior, and firm strategies. This Summer School will propose a careful examination of various (positive and negative) aspects of heterogeneity in a wide range of social organizations and economic environments, in which symmetric settings are used as a benchmark.

Keynote Speakers

  • Prof. Roland Benabou (Princeton University) is well known for his collaborations with Jean Tirole, the 2014 Nobel Laureate. In a series of ground-braking papers they introduced important social concepts into economic models: norms, religion, morals, taboos, groupthink, dignity, etc. Also of particular relevance for our School is his work on the origins of beliefs and on the impact and role of remuneration policies for managers.
  • Prof. Liran Einav (Stanford University) has revolutionized the empirical study of insurance markets where asymmetric information between firms and customers shapes the market. In joint work with John Bates Clark medal winners Amy Finkelstein and Jonathan Levin he studied moral hazard and selection in health and credit markets. In recent work he is studying e-commerce settings where online data tracking increasingly tilts the balance of information towards firms, away from consumers.
  • Prof. Muriel Niederle (Stanford University) is one of the foremost experimental researchers in economics. She has extensively studied the role of gender in situations of varying competitiveness, on the extensive margin (avoiding competition) and the intensive margin (changing behavior with competition). She also studied matching mechanisms where heterogeneity and match quality are also of first order importance.


Download the 2017 ECORES Summer School Program (last updated on May 18).


Prof. Bénabou’s slides: 12
Prof. Niederle’s slides: 12 – 3

Organizing Committee

Practical Information


To register, please fill in the online form. If you would like to present during the poster sessions, please send a full paper and your CV to core-conferences@uclouvain.be


We have a negotiated rate with Hotel ibis Styles Meeting Center Louvain la Neuve.

Organizers can help with hotel booking, but participants are free to take care of their hotel booking themselves (download the online form to benefit from our negotiated rate). Participants who want to stay in a single room, will have to pay the bill upon departure, there will be no reimbursement of lodging.

Financial support: If you agree to stay in a double room, the summer school will pay for your lodging (only for PhD students outside Belgium who give a presentation). Rooms will be allocated by gender, first come, first served, unless you indicate the name of the participant you would like to share the room with on the registration form. To apply for financial support, please send a few lines motivating your request together with your CV and full paper to core-conferences@uclouvain.be


The summer school will not cover travel expenses.


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